Huge Announcement!


HA!  Completely kidding.  Still single AF.

Don’t worry, though, because this is way more exciting news anyways!  Not only am I finally making more time to finish more posts about some pretty noteworthy dates over the last year (like remember that time when I said I’d be publishing a bunch soon, lolz), but you all are going to get to enjoy the fantastically amusing dating life of my girl… well, let’s just call her Perpetually Picky.

And guess what?  The announcements don’t stop there!  Up until now I’ve purposefully been very vague about where I live, but today I break that silence!  You see, I’m originally from Chicago but have been living in Boston since college.  Perpetual, on the other hand, is originally from Boston but recently moved to Chicago.  You can go ahead and compare and contrast the cities all you want, but one thing is for certain: Dating Problems are not bound to a certain region.

So buckle up, kids!  You’re in for a treat.


A Preview of What I’ve Been Up To

I’m starting to think that neglecting this blog is garnering the same type of bad karma as ghosting someone, so apologies to ya’ll who still come back here only to have the same disappointment I have as when I lob a clever AF message to a guy on Bumble who never actually responds. So I’m back! And with plenty to share…

lets do this

As I mentioned in my last Dating Chronicles post, I had my first real no strings attached hookup buddy towards the end of 2015. Seeing as that was practically another lifetime ago, I’ll update you now and tell ya that we have seen each other since then, despite what I said in that last post. But there’s really nothing to share beyond that…about him, anyways.

What I will share, though, is that there have been a number of random hookups so far this year. Honestly, go ahead and think what you will of me, but I’m being smart and am a grown ass woman and don’t need to explain myself beyond that. K?

Since we are almost into June, I can’t possibly share every encounter I’ve had since 2016 rolled into the station. But don’t you worry, I have kept drafts of the good stories and plan to give you all some laughs. Or at the very least, some amusement to get you through the work week.

Here’s a preview of those you can expect to hear about:

  • My first middle of the night sneak out
  • The completely random guy I passed on the sidewalk and started making out with who then came home with me for what ended in a very unique way
  • The Uber driver
  • My personal trainer
  • My Hawaiian conquest in a castle in Ireland

I’m going to try to get these published before the next millennium, but in the meantime I’m in the works of getting someone who is just as picky as I am to join me as a co-blogger (is that what you call someone like that?). She’s got some solid stories of her own. Stay tuned.

Random Reflections on 2015

Ahh, the year of no feelings. Not a single guy came my way in 2015 who managed to make my heart skip a beat, and so you’ll notice that compared to last year, there are way fewer reflections and just about all of them are pretty shallow. Buuuut hey, what’s wrong with that?

1) I don’t really consider the “First Date Check Problem” to be a problem anymore.

Starting in 2015, I finally started to just really insist on splitting the check on the first date.  Why?  Because then I feel less of an obligation to talk to them again after the date ends.  When you aren’t into almost everyone you go out with, there are just too many people to let down, yano?  It’s a tough life being picky.

lol bye

2) Sex without attachment is possible and not something I should be ashamed about.

Who says guys are the only ones capable of this?  I’ve had my fair share of long dry spells – which is also nothing to be ashamed about – but if I want to have sexy time with someone and never talk to them again, then all the more power to me.  Or if I only talk to them when I want to do it again, then that’s fucking fantastic too.

xtina aguilera

3) I drink a lot.

I mean, I already knew this.  But in case you didn’t, then just go back and reread my 2015 dating chronicles and it’s pretty easy to pick up on.