Final Attempt at Tinder Dating

After my first Tinder dating experience, it was about six months before I gave it another shot. June 2013, and I was back on Tinder and had agreed to meet up with a guy my age who met my basic criteria of being scruffy, (appeared as though he would be) taller than me, and had a decent job.

Problem #1: TMI
There are two kinds of TMI: those that over-share when asked a question and those that just word vomit all over without even needing a question. This kid was the ladder. It was as if I was the substitute for a therapy session. He walked me through his troubling childhood and the challenges associated to his parents’ relationship (or lack thereof) followed by the deaths of other close family members; he discussed his previous relationship which ended 6 months prior when he found his best friend banging his live-in girlfriend of several years in his bed; and he shared the frustrations he has with his job and how this city is not exactly ideal for the field he works in. To be honest, I just wanted to give this poor guy a hug…which is all he did get at the end of the date.

sad hug

Problem #2: Juan Pablo Syndrome
Same as before, I was given few opportunities to talk during this little outing.

listening yawn

Problem #3: Stage 5 Clinger
I think I really like you.
I am so glad we met each other.
When can I see you again?

These were the first texts I got immediately after the date. The next day I got another text asking when he could see me. When I didn’t respond right away, he hunted me down on Facebook, messaging me: what happened?? Although I should’ve responded to his texts in a timely fashion, I still don’t think it was necessary for him to find me on every social media outlet to contact me. He deserved a response, yes, but it really shouldn’t have gotten to that extreme after only a few drinks and an app.

stage 5 clinger


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