The First Time That Coffee Met Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel has a similar concept as Tinder but limits you to passing judgment on only one person per day. If you like one of your daily matches and they like you, then you are connected through a temporary phone number that allows you to text for a week and potentially swap numbers to meet up.

Intro: the anesthesiologist. He was a bit short for my taste, but he had scruff and a great job, so I decided to give it a shot.

Problem #1: Total Bro
It’s hard to describe exactly what this even means, but when you meet a bro, you know. He carries himself in much the same way that a college frat guy does. A Total Bro in it’s worst form comes off as arrogant, drunk, dumb, and douchey. I have definitely met more bro’ed out guys than my date, but it was hard to deny the obvious truth: he was a Total Bro.

Problem #2: Juan Pablo Syndrome
The typical guy-talks-too-much issue. Fortunately, the anesthesiologist was actually decently interesting when he talked about his career and experiences with his career, so this problem was less painful than usual.


Despite these problems, anesthesiologist was one of the few guys who has made it onto a second date with me.


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