Anesthesiologist: Round Two

After a somewhat successful first date with the anesthesiologist, I agreed to go out with him again about a week later.  Of course, he obviously was not too bad because you will not see me being okay with meeting up with someone that I am not at least intrigued by.  However, this time around, I began to notice a few more areas where he was less than perfect.

Problem #3: Dull
Being an anesthesiologist, the conversation about his career was interesting on the first date.  It became much less interesting on the second date.  I quickly learned that with the exception of his job, he really did not have much going on.  Aside from the times that his Total Bro-ness was obnoxiously over the top, I was pretty bored and unamused.

dull and bored

Problem #4: Bad Kisser
The first goodbye kiss is always awkward to some degree.  It is even more awkward when only one person actually wants to kiss the other.  This is the situation I found myself in at the end of this second date.  It’s not like I had a miserable time (any date with food involved is always at least a little enjoyable), but I was just not feeling the vibe.  I wasn’t into it, and I had zero desire to kiss him.  But he wanted to kiss me, and I knew it.  I awkwardly tried to avoid it by sidestepping into a hug, but he got his hands on my hips and went for it.  What made it so bad?  Well, start by putting your lips on the back of your hand.  Now without taking your lips off of your hand, say the word “HOW” three times very fast.  That was how he kissed.

bad kisser

And with that, I finished my final date with the anesthesiologist.


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