What a Good Kiss Can’t Do

About a week went by before I met up with the guy I had given my number to on a Sunday Funday, and we ended up going out to the same bar that I had first approached him at. He was still very bro-y, but I let it slide because he was super tall, scruffy, and had actually asked me about myself on our first date. Again, the chemistry hadn’t been there on date one, but I thought that maybe it doesn’t always come immediately. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t come ever for this guy.

Problem #2: Dull
I quickly began to realize why this guy didn’t have Juan Pablo Syndrome: he was boring as fuck. He didn’t like his job and said he had no interest in anything else to even begin looking at other options. He didn’t have any hobbies except for watching Sports Center on repeat every night. Had never traveled outside of the U.S. Basically his daily life was wake up, work a job he hated, pick things up and put them down, and then get wasted with his group of bros Thursday-Sunday. I won’t deny that my life can seem just as monotonous at times, but I can at least talk about myself in a way that makes me seem way more interesting.

dull bored

The date came to an end, and by this time I had decided that this was the final date. However, he definitely redeemed himself before we said goodbye. He was a great kisser.

…unfortunately, his kiss wasn’t as enchanting as Prince Charming and did nothing to shake me from my slumber lack of interest and chemistry.

a little forced


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