Impromptu Letdown

After connecting with someone online and determining that we want to meet up, there is usually about a week before we are able to lock down a day that works with both of our schedules.  However, this next OKCupid experience in mid-February started just about as quickly as it ended.

Although he wasn’t my typical “type” as far as looks went, it was his witty profile that prompted me to send the first message.  Things only got better as we messaged back and forth, which happened over the course of no more than two days.  We swapped numbers to make plans to meet up, and that same night he texted me asking if I’d be free in a few hours to go for drinks.  I was already set on spending the rest of the night in sweatpants watching TV with my roommates, but because I was so excited about this guy (it’s a rare day when I am that excited going into a first date), I got ready and headed to the bar down the street where I’d gone to numerous first dates before.

By the time I arrived, my hopes were sky high.  Unfortunately, his voice was even higher.  Think: Steve Urkel.

If I’m being honest, I really do not think I would have been able to go out with him a second time purely just because of his voice (sorry, it was just too obnoxious).  But he gave me a few additional reasons to make that same conclusion…

Problem #1: Work Obsessed

Unlike the hockey player who tried to lecture me on the best practices for prospecting new business opportunities, this OKCupid date and I did not work in the same line of business.  He was in the marketing world and worked with companies on their content and SEO strategies.  I was somewhat familiar with the digital marketing world, having previously worked in sales for a software provider in that space.  But does that mean I am interested in hearing about every detail of every project he has ever worked on?  No way, Jose.  He got all worked up talking about the importance of what he does, the techniques he uses in different client scenarios, and why more companies need to take advantage of marketing firms like his.  Before him, I never knew it was possible for anyone to get SO jazzed up about corporate keyword strategies and landing pages.  The level of passion that he had for his job was precious… but just not something I wanted to hear about all night long.

there is no one that can do what i do

Problem #2: Bad Kisser

As we were leaving the bar, I was hoping that he wouldn’t have to walk in the same direction as me so we could quickly part ways and be done with it.  Well, he did go the same way as me, and he went with a mission.  After a few minutes of awkward conversation, I hugged him goodbye.  He followed with “can I get a goodnight kiss now?” Ummm… no, and please don’t act so entitled.  Had I enjoyed the date and wanted to kiss him, I would have been all for it.  But overall lack of interest made his question awkward and the kiss (yes, I did kiss him) unpleasant.  In all fairness, the situation could have been worse, and I get that he was trying to be a gentleman by asking, which I can appreciate.

kiss denied


Surprise, surprise.  I did not take him up on his offer for a second date.


Go Ahead, Judge Me

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