It’s Not You… It’s Me

On my OKCupid profile, I don’t list “New Friends” as something I am “Looking For” by being on the site.  However, the next guy I went out with on the last day of February is totally someone that I would love to be friends with.

We went on two dates, but I’m going to sum it up in one quick post because there is not too much to say about either experience.  Both dates went well, and I had a great time.  He was funny, he looked like all of his profile pictures, and we got along great.  On our first date, we went to a bar and ended up playing a few rounds of trivia.  He was awesome, and I enjoyed myself.  But I was frustrated because I had zero romantic feelings for him.  I wasn’t even upset that he didn’t try to kiss me.  Nevertheless, I had to give it a second shot because I know that sometimes feelings take time to develop (or at least that’s what my friends have been trying to make me believe).

want it now

On our second date, we met at a bar, played board games (more bars need to provide them), and ordered food (any date involving food automatically gets extra points).  He had me laughing the entire night, and he asked me just as much about myself as he was open to sharing about himself. The end of the night came, he kissed me goodbye, and I left feeling absolutely nothing. I actually felt kind of awkward, even though there was nothing awkward about how that interaction went down.

no one should criticize me

He asked me out for a third date, and I just had to be honest. I responded: Hey sorry for the slow response. I do want to be honest with you. The “it factor” just wasn’t quite there for me. Usually I don’t respond when that’s the case but I legitimately had such a great time with you and didn’t want to keep you hanging or anything.

connect only a few times

Sometimes the people I go out with are great and don’t exhibit any of the typical dating faux pas.  Sometimes it really isn’t them that’s the problem… it’s me.


Go Ahead, Judge Me

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