How To Do Everything Wrong & Get a Second Date (Pizza)

I got home that night from my first date with the attractive pompous douchebag, and now that I had his name, it was time for the Facebook stalking to commence.  His public profile did not share much, but it did allow me to see where he went to school.  And guess what?  I went to the same exact college as this I’m-too-good-for-everyone guy.  First, this is evidence of the fact that he really shared nothing about himself with me on the first date.  Second, time to get off your high horse, buddy!  I got into the same business school, and we received the same education.  Get over yourself because you are not better than me.

chosen one not so much

The next morning, I began to wonder whether or not this guy may have already known that we went to the same school prior to meeting up.  The responses he provided are pretty ridiculous.

Me: So…did you already know that we share the same alma mater?
Him: Haha, nope. I don’t even know your name!

Woah, woah, woah.  EXCUSE ME?!  Is he kidding me right now?!

Me: Wow, how lucky I am to have gone out with someone who is so superior to not even remember my name.
Him: You never told it to me silly pants!

For the record, I 110% already told him my name both via message and in person. And “silly pants”- really??

Him: What is it? 🙂
Me: (my name). Same one I mentioned before.  It’s long and complex, I know.

This all brings me to yet another issue…

Problem #5: No Basic Manners
This guy’s lack of very basic common courtesies was apparent both in person and via text. He very rarely said thank you to bartenders or the wait staff, and he never once said thank you to me. Plus, I find the whole name thing rude as well. I met up with him, spent about two-ish hours with him, and I paid for his drinks…the least he can do is remember my name. Or, if he didn’t know it going into the date, he should have been at least interested enough to ask, especially since it was a question I posed several times to him.


Later that day, he butt dialed me from his dumb phone and left a 5 minute message.  Then he called me again the next day and left a real message asking me to play frisbee (I severely lack coordination, so that was a no-go).  On Saturday morning, he suggested pizza and a comedy show later that night.  I agreed to his plan for a few reasons:

1) Pizza
2) Comedy show = he won’t be talking
3) I still wanted to make out with him
4) I admired his persistence (if #3 wasn’t a reason, then I would’ve thought this was creepy; yes, double standard, I know)
5) Not entirely sure how to explain this, but I liked how I could so easily be a witty bitch to him. I’m typically really nice (perhaps too nice sometimes) and the wit seems to come and go, but playfully being a jerk to this guy after our first date was simple and enjoyable.

Stay tuned for Date #2


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