#Thursdate with College Grad & Persistent Sleaze

Since starting this blog, people have begun sharing their dating tales with me. This one in particular stood out to me and ended up inspiring my random #Thursdate blog posts. Why? Because between the many #ThrowbackThursday posts I see on this day, I’ll occasionally come across Instagrammed #Thursdate pics which always depict happy couples on happy dates.  Since it’s clear – especially in the single dating world – that dates are not always that successful, this will be somewhat of a “Bad Date Awareness Day.” Enjoy!

The Pre-Date Story
This particular tale comes from College Grad who was fresh out of a long-term relationship. However, the backstory began when she was still in a relationship while school was still in session; that is when she first met the Persistent Sleaze. She was out to dinner with a friend when this random guy invited them to go to a nearby bar (because, you know, beautiful girls over the age of 21 obviously need an invite in order to go to bars that are open to the public). The offer was declined but since he seemed friendly enough, they invited him to the school bars they were heading to. A bit later that night, he met up with College Grad and her friends along with his brother, Persistent Sleaze. Drinking ensued, and Sleaze kept making passes at College Grad despite her continued reminders that she had a boyfriend. Post-bars, Sleaze and bro were not in the best position to drive home, and for some overly gracious reason, College Grad and her friends offered them their couch to crash on. It should’ve been a major warning sign when Sleaze began lurking near her bedroom door to say goodnight, which somehow ended up with him spread eagle on top of her while she was half-asleep in her own bed. They kicked him and his brother out, and that probably should’ve been the last time she saw him.

get out

Flash forward one month, and College Grad was now actually a college grad… and single.  Sleaze texted her to invite her to dinner, and despite hesitations, she agreed, and the date was set.

Date #1: …Did He Just Say That?

Persistent Sleaze kicked off the first date with College Grad with the problem of inconvenience.  I’m all for being fashionably late, but let’s face it, that luxury is reserved primarily for women – and even then, there is a fine line between what is fashionable and what is rude.  For a first date, there is even less leniency with how late is acceptable.  So when the Persistent Sleaze was 30 minutes late to pick up College Grad, that’s entering the he-might-be-standing-me-up-and-I-don’t-like-this-one-bit arena.  Not only that, but he told her the reason he was late was because he got pulled over for speeding.  That’s exactly what every girl wants to hear.  “Oh great, not only am I getting into a car with a guy I barely know, but he is also a psycho on the road.  Excellent.”

crazy driver

Once they were downtown, the date was going pretty well.  There was good conversation, drinks (usually necessary), food (never a bad thing), and College Grad was enjoying herself.  After downing a few mojitos, Sleaze was making moves on her and putting his arm around her, but it was all pretty harmless.  They continue to have a good time, but a major red flag was raised with a casual comment that he made midway through a normal discussion. “Blah blah blah… I’m really horny.”  Wait… what?!  It was so random that College Grad brushed it off as him just trying to be funny.  Aside from that little derailment, though, the date wasn’t bad.  He paid for the bill, drove her home, and kissed her goodnight.  Apparently he wasn’t kidding when he said he was horny because it was clear that Sleaze wanted to do a lot more than just kiss.  Fortunately, College Grad has a good head on her shoulders and bid him adieu.

wait what

Date #2: Used?

After the first date, College Grad had lackluster feelings about seeing Sleaze again.  His persistence and overly eager requests to meet up again paid off in his favor, though, because they made plans a second date.  He picked her up (more or less on time) and went to a swanky restaurant near his apartment.  College Grad was wined and dined on his dime, and she had a genuinely good time.  Afterwards, he suggested that they get a bottle of wine and go watch a movie at his apartment nearby.  Feeling buzzed from the drinks and confident that she could handle herself, she agreed.  They did manage to make it through most of the movie before the makeout sesh started.  Things got hot and heavy, and Persistent Sleaze tried to take off her pants.  College Grad said no.  And this wasn’t a “no but I really mean yes and just don’t want you to think I’m a slut” kind of no – this was a firm NO.  Guess what?  He kept trying!  College Grad stuck her ground, which led to an argument between the two of them.  As if that isn’t ridiculous enough, Persistent Sleaze had the audacity to say, “I spent $300 on you.  I picked you up in my nice car and took you out to nice places. I don’t like feeling used.”

i feel so used

Clearly, this guy is a total douchebag. Not only had it just been two dates, but this guy thought that he could convince a girl to put out by telling her that her body was worth only $300.  (Good luck with that strategy, buddy.)  He continued to try to make a case for why she should feel obliged to go beyond her limits and then resorted to accusing her of being dramatic, of using him, and of fucking with his emotions. Persistent Sleaze finally gave up and had to drive her home.  Not a single word was uttered throughout the car ride, and he drove away and yelled “SEE YA!” the moment she exited his car.  Real nice.

The Aftermath

The very next day, College Grad received a text from Persistent Sleaze apologizing.  While it was a genuinely nice message, he was too late and had lost all hope of redemption with her. She ended up sending him a response about how his actions really upset her, and he responded two days later.  But he didn’t just respond, he published a novel.  She received eight rapid fire texts from him, all of them long paragraphs begging College Grad to meet up again.  He tried to convince her that he just wanted to talk and that he’s a good guy – and hey, he very well might be, but all efforts on his end were just pointless now.  Her ship had sailed.  Adios, motherfucker.

adios motherfucker


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