#Thursdate with My Mom & Scruff Abuser

This week’s #Thursdate tale is about my mom and her very first online dating experience about two years ago, brought to you by Match.com.

So my mom got matched with this guy, they had some things in common, and she was interested enough to take him up on a date when he asked.  They met at a restaurant not too far from where she lived, and he was waiting for her when she arrived.  Assuming they would just go sit at the bar for a few drinks and possibly some appetizers, my mom was surprised when her date asked the waitress to be seated at an actual table.  Quite frankly, my mom was not too thrilled about this because a) this place was a pretty nice place where the actual entrees were rather heavy and b) every time she had gone there previously, sitting down at a table meant it was going to be an ordeal and stretch the date out longer than she ideally wanted it to be.  So my mom braced herself for a less-than-lighthearted dinner date.


The date itself was…meh.  My mom explained that this guy looked and acted a lot nerdier, timid, and dull than she had expected.  Fortunately, my mom is an outgoing gal that could talk to a wall and somehow manage to make outsiders look like it was a thrilling conversation.  (Plus, when she was married to my dad, he was a super quiet guy, and so she was used to filling the silence and leading just about every conversation.)  Unfortunately, this is not what she wanted when she agreed to the date – not to mention that she was more interested in him as he appeared and interacted online than in person.


This final part of the date kills me.  Dinner ends, they go outside, and they are about to part ways.  They exchange quick small talk, my mom thanks him, and is ready to call it a night.  But her date asks if he could kiss her.  While I am sure there have been instances when asking for a kiss have worked out successfully, I feel like often times it just makes for an awkward experience.  Similar to the date, the kiss was…meh.  This guy had scruff – and if you keep up with my dating chronicles, then you know that I am a huge fan of scruff, which means I would normally applaud his ability to grow facial hair.  But my mom’s date COMPLETELY abused this physical gift he was given by what he said to my mom right after the kiss:

Scruff Abuser: “I am sorry about my scruff.”

My mom: “Oh, um, that’s fine.”

Scruff Abuser: “Well tonight, you can think about feeling it between your thighs.”


WHAT!?  I don’t care who you are; it is just not okay to say something like this – especially on a first date.  My mom was even more taken aback by this comment because this guy was older, scrawny, nerdy and was so dull during dinner.  She basically stood there in shock until they parted ways.  Obviously, there was no second date.  As for me, it’s great to hear that the dating pool as you get older is clearly so much more mature than what I am exposed to right now.


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