Serial Dating in Cuffing Season

It might just be coincidence, but I’m beginning to notice a pattern where my interest level in dating seems to change with the seasons.  Just around the time when the weather was becoming somewhat tolerable, I stopped dating.   Now that the weather is getting shitty out, I’m not only dating again…but I’m dating a lot.  Apparently this is “cuffing season” and apparently I am giving into it. Within the last two weeks, I’ve been on six dates:

  1. 10/16 – Date with the Hinge guy who looks like Adrian Grenier
  2. 10/20 – Date with the touchy guy who chased me into the subway for a kiss
  3. 10/21 (5:30pm) – Date with the moccasin-wearing admirer of sidewalks
  4. 10/21 (6:45pm) – Date with the pickiest eater alive
  5. 10/22 – Second date with the Hinge guy
  6. TONIGHT – Third date (!!!!) with the Adrian Grenier doppelgänger

Expect some upcoming posts about each of these guys… with the exception of the one I’m still dating because obvi he hasn’t had too many dating issues since I’m still agreeing to go out with him (and because it would kind of suck if I started to actually really like him and then he found a judgmental post I’d written about him for all of the internet world to see).  But hey, tonight could end up being a total disaster, in which case, there will absolutely be a post up about him in the near future!  Oh this dating thing sure can be fun…. evil laugh


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