Delayed Update on My happn Dating Spree

It’s too bad I don’t record my dating stories as I tell them to my friends right after they happen because I can’t imagine my next few posts (which are all five months after the fact… sorry, readers) are going to do any of my dates much justice.  But I’ll give it a go.

So here’s the deal: one of the newer apps I started using this year (particularly back in March) has been happn.  Basically it tracks your location and shows you all of the guys from the app you have physically passed, where you passed, and how many times you have ever passed each other.  Some think it’s creepy, but I see it as a nice reminder that my kind is not extinct and there are other single species among me on a day-to-day basis.  In fact, some of these people are actually pretty good looking, which does give me a little hope.  However, I still have yet to recognize the guy I’ve apparently passed 72 times over the past few months, so maybe a lot of these people don’t look like their pics… or just don’t exist at all which wouldn’t surprise me either.

where are you

To date, I’ve gone on four first dates with people from happn, and they all occurred in March.  Here you go, in chronological order:

  1. The guy who was moving to Dallas
  2. The guy on his first-ever online date
  3. The guy who made it into bed with me but absolutely not a second date
  4. The guy who was only here temporarily from Australia

Oh, and Mom, friends’ parents, and others who know me and think highly of me… I might advise that you skip the second and third posts.

you shall not pass


6 thoughts on “Delayed Update on My happn Dating Spree

  1. OMG what a moron!
    If you wanna recognize the guy you passed 72 times you need to fucking Charm him and let him know your fucking intention.
    The app is not having any delay but simply covers an area that won’t let you pinpoint people without actually meeting them.
    Dating sites are supposed to make people meet, not “recognize”.


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