The Virgin to Online Dating (& How I Set the Bar Way Too High)

My second happn first date occurred no less than a week after my first-ever happn date, and it was with a guy two years younger than me.  It was definitely out of the ordinary for me to date a baby cub, but his scruffy-looking profile pics got me to agree to drinks.

The conversation we had during most of the date was alright at best, but fortunately, he was as good looking at his profile made him appear.  And with each drink (we probably had 3 or 4 rounds – no food, might I add), he began looking more and more like Ryan Gosling.

Then at some point in the date, we started talking about happn and about online dating in general.  That’s when he told me… this was his first online date.  He was an online dating virgin.  I was popping his online dating cherry.

great responsibiity

So what did I do to make this a memorable first online date for Mr. Noah Calhoun?  Well, what eventually transpired wasn’t pre-planned, but before walking me to the subway he had to get some of his things from his office across the street.  It was cold out so he told me I could come up too.

We walk into his office and were greeted by rows and rows of unoccupied desks.  And what do you do when you are alone in an office after hours?


Obviously we hooked up.  We didn’t have sex – although he later said he would have loved to have gone into the conference room and taken me bent me over on the table – but we did make out all over his desk. Aaaand I went down on him.

you are welcome

I’m not gonna lie, even though I didn’t get too much out of it for myself, it sure was thrilling.  And the story only gets a bit better when I add in the fact that the janitor walked into the room about 20 seconds afterward, which makes me believe he was probably there all along.


Although he reached out once the next day, I never ended up responding. Beyond the physical attraction, I just didn’t see it happening with us.  But I don’t feel bad because I feel like I did my duty by making one of his biggest fantasies come true – his words, not mine.

dirt off your shoulder


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