The Aussie Who Was Headed Back Down Under

The last happn date I went on was with a nice Australian boy, and it happened within a week of the office hookup guy and the pompous one night stand guy. Funny enough, he actually closed the loop on happn dates because similar to the first one, this guy wasn’t going to be sticking around town much longer either. Fortunately, it wasn’t as finalized as the to-be Texan’s plans were, but since his job (based in Australia) was only having him in this city for another few months, he was pretty sure he wasn’t going to apply to stay for an extended period of time.

Because I still had PTSD from the last Aussie I went out with a few times, there was no chance I would be taking this date to the bedroom.  At least not right away.

not again

So once again, I found myself on a pretty pointless date that was going nowhere.

Fortunately, he was a cool guy. There weren’t any problems worth noting, and we had good conversation.  While a relationship future wasn’t there, I could have potentially seen a hookup with him since he was good looking; for that reason, I was open to the possibility of seeing him again.  I probably accrued some bad karma points, though, because we texted he texted me here and there to hang out again, and I wouldn’t say no but I also wouldn’t commit to anything.  I kept saying some hypothetical day in the future… which never ended up happening.

Eventually he just stopped asking, and I did feel a bit bad about just leaving him hanging like that.  But he’s probably back in Australia right now, so hopefully my bad karma can disappear in a similar manner.

karma is a bitch


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