Most Memorable Dates of 2015

Honestly, the pool of candidates in 2015 was way more limited than 2014, so I’m only going to bestow this badge of honor to the top three today.


Third Place: The Pompous Douchebag of 2015 (Read: This Year’s Version of the Attractive Pompous Douchebag and Because I’m a Grown-Ass Woman, That’s Why)

He had the noteworthiness of the original Pompous Douchebag but actually gave me what I wanted… and all it took was a tequila shot.


Second Place: The Other Guy I Slept with in 2015 (Read: No Strings Attached)

The story about him last year is actually only mediocre at best, but he had such momentum going into this year that he just deserves some credit.


First Place: The Office Hookup (Read: The Virgin to Online Dating (& How I Set the Bar Way Too High)

I made someone’s fantasy come true, and it was pretty fucking hot for me as well.

what your fantasy

That is all.


Go Ahead, Judge Me

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