Random Reflections on 2015

Ahh, the year of no feelings. Not a single guy came my way in 2015 who managed to make my heart skip a beat, and so you’ll notice that compared to last year, there are way fewer reflections and just about all of them are pretty shallow. Buuuut hey, what’s wrong with that?

1) I don’t really consider the “First Date Check Problem” to be a problem anymore.

Starting in 2015, I finally started to just really insist on splitting the check on the first date.  Why?  Because then I feel less of an obligation to talk to them again after the date ends.  When you aren’t into almost everyone you go out with, there are just too many people to let down, yano?  It’s a tough life being picky.

lol bye

2) Sex without attachment is possible and not something I should be ashamed about.

Who says guys are the only ones capable of this?  I’ve had my fair share of long dry spells – which is also nothing to be ashamed about – but if I want to have sexy time with someone and never talk to them again, then all the more power to me.  Or if I only talk to them when I want to do it again, then that’s fucking fantastic too.

xtina aguilera

3) I drink a lot.

I mean, I already knew this.  But in case you didn’t, then just go back and reread my 2015 dating chronicles and it’s pretty easy to pick up on.



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